Fireflower would like to thank all our partners who have been working with us! We couldn't have imagined a better start for our group. We have been able to present and polish our skills with highly respected finnish artists, we've had chances to perform in big festivals in Finland among various international top artists, but above all - we have been able to challenge ourselves and develop extensively in many forms with fire arts. The winter is closing again, and we have been doing a lot of work during the summer. We intend to do the same during winter, and it requires us taking a bit slower with gigs during the winter. We need our energy to develope our coreographies & shows, we are about to start a project called Light Department in both of our most active cities (Oulu+Tampere) and small explore unit is heading to Spain to train! One of our fire artists, Tony Aronen has set up Fireflower Headquarters there, and we are about to unleash Flor de fuego onwards, starting from the streets of Malaga.

Remember that a few promotional pictures can be found from promo.tulikukka.net.

Wider gallery of our work can still be viewed from within the deep pits of a demonic social media. Find out more from Facebook.

Beautiful autumn for everyone :)